US visa application form

What is ESTA to the USA?
ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. ESTA is not a visa, but instead a system that determines the eligibility of anyone who wishes to enter the United States. If you wish to travel to the US, you will need to fill out an ESTA application, a US visa form, and an American Visa application.

Apply for your ESTA Visa in 3 steps!

ESTA form

esta form
Fill out the form
esta aplication form
Paying for your ESTA
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ESTA to US Application Process

You are eligible If you meet these requirements:

esta application
esta application
  • You are a resident of a Visa Waiver Program (VWP) nation
  • You are not in possession of a visitors visa currently
  • You are planning to travel 90 days or less
  • You plan on visiting USA for business or tourism reasons
  • You want to apply for yourself or two or more individuals

What you will need to apply:

  • A valid passport from a VPW country
  • A valid credit card (MASTERCARD, VISA, American Express, or PayPal) to pay the initial US $14 per application
  • Your contact information
  • Most current employment information if applicable

ESTA to the USA Requirements

us visa application form
us visa application form

There is a number of requirements in different categories before meeting the approval of travel. Many of which are consistent with the Visa Waiver Program (VWP)
Passport Requirements:

  • You should have a passport from one of the participating carriers.
  • You should have a passport that contains a machine-comprehensible segment on the biographic page
  • Your passport must be valid at the time of applying for ESTA and at the time of your flight to the U.S. In the event that your ESTA endorsement lapses while you are in the U.S. you don’t have to apply for another ESTA if your stay does not consist of 90 days or more. Guests wishing to remain in the United States for over 90 days must acquire a visa by visiting the closest U.S. International Embassy or Consulate and apply for the suitable visa based on their travel purpose
  • You should have an electronic international ID with a chip.

Travel Requirements:

    • ➔Your visit should be less than 90 days
    • ➔If your reason is for tourism
us visitor visa application
us visitor visa application

◆Visiting family or friends
◆Or medical reasons

    • ➔If your reason is for business
    • ➔Professional events

◆You are attending an educational or business conference.
◆You have an internship

    • ➔Social events

◆Hosted by a fraternal social or service organization

    • ➔Recreation

◆A short recreational visit to take a course such as sewing.

Application Requirements:

    • Must apply online for your ESTA
    • Must apply for ESTA prior to your departure
    • A response should take anywhere between a few minutes to 72 hours

Other Requirements:

    • Must hold a return or onward journey ticket if traveling by air or sea.
    • If traveling by land, you must obtain an I-94W, provided by the CBP authorities
    • If you are traveling by land from Canada to the US, you may re-enter the US on the return journey provided your total visit does not exceed 90 days
    • If transiting to a destination outside adjoining lands, the return must be a participating carrier
    • If the total travel visit to the US exceeds 90 days, you must apply again for another admission
  • Understand that an ESTA is different from a Visa, this is the difference:
    People who travel strictly on Visas are not required to apply for ESTA, but if you obtain a valid visa, you can travel to the US only based on the purpose for which it was issued.

    US Visa Requirements

    us visa application form online
    US visa application form online

    The first thing to consider when applying for a US Visa is the reason for obtaining this document.
    Documents required:

          • An application form. Non-immigrant visas, or immigrant visa.
          • A passport in which you have had valid for 6 months prior to your planned visit
          • Two photos that comply with the photo requirements stated in the application
          • Paid visa expense to have the capacity to plan a meeting

    Non-Immigrant Application Form

    This application consists of two parts, the first part asks personal questions. The second part is a series of questions based on security and background information. The first part of the application will ask:

          • Full name
          • Marital status
          • Nationality
          • Place of birth
          • Date and place of birth
          • Address
          • Country
          • Mobile number
          • Email
          • Passport number
          • Passport book number
          • Family information
          • Education
          • Work history/ Employment

    Immigrant Visa Application Form

    us esta application
    us esta application

    Fill this one online. Here is what to expect:

            • Full name
            • Date and place of birth
            • Nationality
            • Home Address or equivalent
            • Phone number
            • Email
            • Employment
            • Education
            • Family information
            • Marital Information
            • Previous Travel to the US

    Security and background questions:

            • Medical and Health Information
            • Criminal background
            • Security check
            • Immigration law
            • Other…

    Documentation Checklist

    ESTA form
    ESTA form

    After the application forms are done there are still a few things you will need to make sure you have:

          • A valid 6 month passport
          • At least one blank page on your passport
          • Two photographs
          • Visa fee/ receipt
          • Family documents

    ◆Birth certificate

    ◆Marriage certificate


    If you are coming to the US under the sponsorship of another person, you must have:

          • Letter for affidavit
          • Employment letter
          • Payslips
          • Bank letter

    If you are coming to the US for Medical reasons, you must have:

          • Medical diagnosis
          • Letter from a medical facility in the US
          • Proof of income to cover the expenses



    ◆Living expenses

    If you are coming to the US on behalf of work than you must apply for a work visa and have these documents:

          • Proof you meet the qualifications



          • Proof of professional degree

    ◆Bachelor to master degree

          • Job offer by US person or persons
          • Resume and CV
          • Letter from previous employers
          • State license
          • Proof of your abilities
          • Additional fees.

    US visa application form

    ESTA application form