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An India e-Visa Visa is said to be an electronic document that you can use to gain authorization to travel to any place in India. It is right most given to business people, medical professionals, and tourist. It is called an e-visa because it all the applications are made online. There several types of India e-Visa that you can apply for. Some of them are;

India tourist visa

The India tourist visa is suitable for those who are travelling to India for non- business activities. Some rules come with the type of visa. For instance, people who have an Indian origin are not eligible for this visa. It is not also available for children and spouse from India. It is also not given to people who are travelling to India for students, research, business or employment. The visa is only given to none Indian members of the society who are going to India for sight-seeing, recreation and casual visits and visiting friends.

India business visa

It is provided for those who are going for business trips. It is only eligible for those who are going to visit India for business activities. The person applying for the visa must have experience and expertise in the field of business he/she is asking for. The visa is given from the country of origin, and the person needs to follow the rules given by the government of India. This visa has a validity of six months, but other citizens can stay for even ten years.

India travel visa

This is a kind of e visa that gives entry to India. You can get the passport from the Indian embassy, or you can get from the local consultants of India that may be located in your country of origin. When applying for this type visa, you should state the purpose of your travel. While in India, you are not allowed to change the purpose of your travel. This visa has a validity period of about three days, and if you opt to stay more than three days, the right visa should be taken.

India e-Visa and Visa Requirements

Before you travel to India, you should have a visa that corresponds to your purpose of travel. If you are a tourist, you must get a tourist visa. There is a general requirement for all types of e visa you are planning to apply. The following are some details that you need for you to apply for an India e-Visa Visa. Passport details and requirements, you must scan your current passport and present online. The passport should have blank pages that will be signed when you are entering India it should be more than six months valid beyond your stay here in India. You are required to submit your digital passports and photograph for verification. You must also have proof that you are travel to India by providing the travelling documents like tickets. If you are below 18 years of age, you will be required to submit the copies of your parents’ passports and driving license. You can also submit the birth your birth certificate and those of your parents showing their full names. You can also request a statement from the government explaining the names of your parents.

India e-Visa and Visa application form

The good thing about India e-Visa Visa is that you can apply online. The application form has several boxes, and all of them are marked with a red star. That means all the details that you enter here are valid. You will begin by selecting your type of India e-Visa Visa application. You have two options, urgent and normal application. The urgent application takes a maximum of three days while the normal one takes about four to seven days. The next step is to enter your names starting with your first name. You will also be asked for the type of your passport, nationality, place of arrival, passport number then your date of birth. You also need to enter your email address.

Remember this is where your e visa will be sent thus it should be valid. You will be needed to type your email again for confirmations. Enter your phone number, your expected date of arrival and lastly your visa type. That is where you will the above-discussed types of e visas. Last you will enter a confirmation code then continue. Your details will be confirmed, and you will be given way forward on how to pay. Remember, once you pay, your money will not be refunded no matter what. Who requires a visa to enter India? The best way to address this is by giving out the countries that do not need a visa to enter India. Some of the states are, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka if you are not a citizen of the above countries, you require a visa to enter India.

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