How to apply for Australian visa for Canadians online

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How to apply for Australian visa for Canadians online

Australia is one the beautiful countries in the world which has numerous opportunities and also beautiful tourism attraction sites. Before you visit this country you must a visa. There are so many states who citizens are allowed to travel to Australia and Canada is one of them. Some of the things that any Canadian citizen must understand before visiting Australia are:

What is Australian visa for Canadians?

This is the document which is required for all Canadian citizens who wish to travel to Australia. The Australian visa for Canadian citizens who are passport holder can be obtained online. The two main source where you can apply you Australian ETA visa are the online or the local department of immigration. Due to the changes in technology, online application is the best mode of application.
The Australian ETA visa is electronically linked to the Canadian passport. It was first introduced in the year 1996 and offers official authorization for Canadian citizens to enter Australia. All the Canadian citizens MUST apply for an Australian ETA visa for short-term stays mainly for tourism or business activities.
How to apply for Australian visa for Canadians online?
If you are seeking an Australian Visa for Canadian citizens then the online application is the most convenient way for you. When you access the Visa application website you will be given an online application form where you will be required to indicate your reasons for traveling to Australia and the relevant information in your passport.
Before you fill the application form you must make sure that you have a valid Canadian passport, email address, and credit card.

The process of filling the application form

  • Visit the site for the Australian ETA application and click the button labeled” Apply for an ETA visa”.
  • Select the type of ETA that you need such as business and tourist and indicate Canada as your state of birth.
  • Fill in your passport details and personal details. You MUST make sure the information you indicate in the application form are the same as they are indicated in your passport and national identity card.
  • Fill in your contact details and addresses.
  • Counter check your detail, you can edit if your trace any errors.
  • Select the payment mode which you think is convenient for you. The service charge for the Australian ETA is 39 EUR which includes the application expenses and processing expenses. The common modes of the payment which are accepted are Master card, Visa card, American Express, Diners Club, JCB.
  • You can read all the terms and conditions before you agree with them.
  • Submit your application.

Requirements for Australia visa application for Canadians

  • You must have a valid passport whose validity must be at least 6 months before you travel to Australia.
  • You must not have any criminal records which you have been sentenced for more than one year
  • You must not be suffering from any infectious disease such as tuberculosis
  • You must enough money in your bank accounts which can sustain you in the whole period that you will be staying in Australia.
  • After you have applied your ETA and it’s approved you can receive it through your email address.

How long will it take for you to receive an Australian ETA visa for Canadian citizens?

The Australian ETA visa for Canadian citizens are normally processed and issued to the applicants in less than one working day, provided that there are no additional documents needed or no errors were made in the application. Alternatively, the Canadian citizens are allowed to apply for their visa at and can have their ETA visa application checked and processed in less than 20 minutes.

All Canadian citizens who have valid passports are granted by ETA to have many trips to Australia whereby each trip MUST be less than 3 months.
Finally, you should not try to forge any documents when you are applying for your Australian ETA visa for a Canadian citizen since the Australian government does not tolerate any kind of forgery. You can even be jailed if you attempt it. So many people have attempted it and they have been jailed therefore you should NEVER be attempted.
If you are a Canadian citizen and you have been thinking of traveling to Australia, then this guide can be of great importance in your application for an ETA visa.

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