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Egypt e-Visa Visa

The Egypt e-visa is a conditional authorization that permits travelers to enter into the country and can be obtained through an online application process without necessarily visiting a diplomatic mission. The application form should be completed before submission. The e-visa is normally issued prior to the day of visiting and is a must-have document at the point of entry except for countries who are eligible for an Egyptian visa on arrival or the visa-exempt nationalities. Once your application has been approved, the visa is electronically linked to your passport and you’ll receive it via email in a PDF format. You’ll print and carry it with you on the day of travel.

Types of e-visa

Egypt visa
Egypt visa

There are different types of Egyptian e-visa you can apply for depending on your purposes and intentions for travel. Most of these e-visas are available both as single-entry and multiple-entry visa. The latter allows multiple entries and can be used by more than one traveler provided the validity period is not exceeded. Tourist e-visa cover travelers who are in the country for adventure and purposes. This type of e-visa allows the traveler to legally stay in the country for not more than 30 days from the date of entry. A business e-visa, on the other hand, is issued to business personnel and entrepreneurs visiting the country. The applicants must provide a valid copy of a business letter including relevant information of the sponsoring company/organization. The applicant’s status in the business sector and all the evidence of financial solvency throughout the stay in Egypt should be well-defined.


Egypt visa online



Requirements for e-Visa application

The online e-visa application process is simple and straightforward. Some of the basic requirements include a valid passport scan of the bio-data page and a debit/credit card or a PayPal account to complete an online payment. A copy of the host information is also required and this includes the hotel details, family or friends’ details, and even the travel agency details. You should also make sure to submit an updated email address through which you’ll receive the e-visa.



Egypt visa


Egypt e-Visa application form

Egypt visa online
Egypt visa online

To complete the application process; you’ll need to fill in some basic personal information such as the location address, date of birth, official name and passport details. You’ll also be prompted to answer a few security-related questions. To avoid delays or rejection of your application, all the data provided should be accurate and the photos should be clear and of high quality. To access the e-visa application form, you should visit the Egypt e-visa official website and proceed with the application process. Upon submission of all the necessary details, it takes a maximum of two business days to get a response from the Egyptian Immigration department. The e-visa application fees are non-refundable even when the application is denied or when the online order is canceled. All the data entered on the site are secured and well-encrypted to avoid any third-party from accessing your personal information.

Who Requires a Visa to enter Egypt?

It’s not mandatory for all the nationalities to apply for an Egyptian e-visa. Citizens of 41 countries are eligible for the Egypt visa on arrival. Among those countries include 28 states in the European Union, Canada, Australia, United States, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea, etc. One thing to keep in mind is that; payment for the Egypt visa on arrival can only be done in cash, US dollars to be precise. This means, no other form of currency is allowed or payments such as PayPal or credit cards. Travelers should also understand that being eligible for the Egypt visa on arrival doesn’t mean you are restricted from making an e-visa online application. In fact, e-visa is way more flexible and convenient since you don’t need to make payments in specific currency or line up the queue at the airport. Certain nationalities will also require a state security approval in addition to holding a visa.

International travelers have enjoyed the convenience of e-visas. Egypt is probably one of the most visited countries in Africa; it’s renowned for its international business culture and the vibrant tourist attraction sites. Applying for your e-visa early enough will help you avoid delays and other travel inconveniences before the visit. One of the benefits of e-visas is that; they come with reasonable prices besides sparing travelers the hassle of visiting immigration government offices and embassies.

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