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What is Kenya e-VISA ?

Electronic visa or e-visa is an online visa which works exactly like printed visas. E-visas are issued through a country’s visa website and can be accessed by anyone willing to travel there. People, who may drop in the country for a few hours, can also issue their transit visa online. In order to avail any e-visa, one has to go the website of the respective country, complete all formalities online and get their Kenya e-visa.

Using the virtual visa, they can receive the printed visa at the destination airport. This procedure is known as Visa On Arrival or VOA. After landing, e-visa holders need to undergo a small verification process. Once they satisfy all the norms, they are immediately granted a physical visa, which then becomes a legitimate document for staying in that particular country.

Requirements for Getting Kenya e-VISA

Kenya e-visa is provided by the Government of the Republic of Kenya. In order to avail it, one must meet the following requirements by submitting authentic documents. All documents are to be given in JPG, PDF or Microsoft Word.

1. Document Related to Purpose of Visit

If a person is travelling for business purpose, he/she must have an invitation letter from an organisation or invitation letter for business visits. All copies of registration of the company must also be submitted.

Those willing to visit families in Kenya must possess an invitation letter from the family. Besides this, the traveller must have an identity card/ passport/ alien card/ entry permit of the host.

If one wishes to tour Kenya, one needs to have a complete travel schedule. It must contain all the details about the places that the person wants to visit. Documents pertaining to hotel bookings need to be shown while getting visa Kenya online.

2. Basic Requirements

A clear passport bio data page with at least one blank page in the passport
Authentic travel documents not less than six months
Return ticket

3. Photo Requirements

The Government of Republic of Kenya prohibits the e-visa applicants from either taking the photograph of the picture in passport or scanning it.

The photo to be submitted in the Kenya e-visa application must be taken before 6months from the date of filing the e-visa application.
It must have the current appearance and be in colour form, not black and white.
The photo must reveal full face, front view with off-white or plain white background.
Only normal street dress should be worn while taking the photo.
Any kind of uniform, except religious attires (which must be worn daily) is prohibited.
Wearing any accessories like hat or headgear, which may obscure the hair or hairline, is not allowed.
People wearing prescription glasses, hearing aid, wig or anything similar in day-to-day life must wear them while taking the photo.
Dark or non-prescription glasses with coloured lenses are strictly prohibited, unless one needs them for medical purpose. In that case, a medical certificate is required to be shown.

Kenya e-VISA Issuing Process

At first, one has to create an account through the visa website of the Government of Republic of Kenya. Once the account is set up, it can be used for applying for visa Kenya online in the future. People only need to sign in.

Next, one has to fill up the application form and pay securely using MasterCard or visa.
After the form has been filled up and the e-visa authority receives the payment, Kenya e-visa can be downloaded from the individual account.

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